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RONDINARA is a Fisher 37 motorsailer. The hull was built at Fairways Marine in 1976.
The boat was completed in Porto Santo Stefano Italy in 1976/77 by local boat builders workshops and first launched in 1977.
I purchased the boat from a friend of mine in fall 1982. Since 1982 some substantial modifications and improvements were implemented.
Up to 2005 I used the boat unfortunately only one month per year. The range of the trips was therefore limited to the Tyrrhenian sea, Sicily channel and seas around Corsica and Sardinia.
I am retired since march 2006. My wife (the admiral) and me (the captain) lived aboard 7-8 months per year and were sailing in the mediterranean sea.
Since 2015 we "retired" into waters narrower to Elba Island and we reduce stepwise our living aboard time.

RONDINARA, the name of my boat, has nothing to do with the beautiful bay with the same name in the SE of Corsica Island. Rondinara is simply the name of a small village, situated next to Reggio Emilia where, according to the family tree, my family was in 1555 coming from and means the house of the swallow birds.

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