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Winter 2017/ Spring 2018
Some pictures

How it was looking like inside the mounting brackets of the ladder

Teak coated
After application of several layers of glass and carbon fibre coated with epoxy resin

Teak coated
After the GRP work and application of stainless steel mounting brackets.

Teak coated
Also repaired one step of the ladder who was leaky. Overcoated again with glass and carbon fibre and epoxy resin.

Teak coated
Removed the old solar panels. For the installation of the bigger new panels it is necessary to displace the handrail.

Teak coated
Also repaired the junction of the roof parts.

Teak coated
A very long work with epoxy filler to get the roof again even and smooth.

Teak coated
How it looks like after several coatings and before the installation of the new panels and handrails.

Teak coated
Removed the old compressor and cooling liquid tank for the fridge box.

Teak coated
Rebuilding of the fridge box with insulation plates from Isotherm.

Teak coated
The fridge box is ready to be built in at the right place.

The new Seldén boom.

The new condensator for the fridge box

Construction of the fridge box

The new fridge box is almost ready

The new 4 solar panels 110W each

Rondinara is almost rady for launch

The new main sail with lazy bag and lazy jacks from Elvström

Launching day

Cleaning and new greasing of all winches

Fixation of the ladder

First trials of the new main sail

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