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Eastern Sicily
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Messina Strait to Giarre


Capo Peloro, the Sicily side at the entry to the Messina Strait

Messina Strait,
the Calabry side with

Villa S. Giovanni

Messina strait, the Sicily side with Messina

Messina Strait,
a typical sword fish
fishing boat

Taormina from the sea

View from Taormina to the North

View from Taormina to the South with Naxos

View from Taormina
to the East

a street

a street

the church

the harbor at Naxos

view of the harbor from the city of Naxos

the city of Naxos

sundown at the harbor
of Naxos

a side crater

just one day after the lava flow stopped

the 4 WD small bus
The Messina Strait is at the smallest side in the North about 3 km wide. Depending from the wind and tidal conditions there can be formed current of up to 5 kn. Because on the different salinity and temperatures of the Ionian an Tyrrhenian seas there are frequent, interesting but absolutely inoffensive water whirls.
Taormina was a Greek colony in the antique. There is a well conserved Greek theater, still used for antique Greek dramas. More information at: http://www.taormina.it
Naxos was also a Greek colony in the antique. The harbor is poor frequented and free. No water, no electricity. There is nothing specially interesting in Naxos.
The Etna is the main volcano in Europe, over 3300 m high and one of the biggest in the world with almost regular eruptions. The Etna is a volcano of the black type erupting mainly lava.

Giarre to Augusta


The Cyclops at Acitrezza

Acitrezza is located to the SE of the Etna volcano. According to the Odyssey of Homer on the Etna was living Polyphem, a single eyed giant of the people of the Cyclops, who was forging lightning for the supreme God Zeus of the Greek mythology. After Odysseus and his companions stabbed the eye of Polyphem with a red-hot pile and flew down to their ship, Polyphem throwed rocks after the Greeks. According to the tradition, the rocks in front of Acitrezze named Cyclops, are those throwed by Polyphem. Acitrezza is a small fishing harbor.

Augusta to Capo Passero



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